A locally owned and operated paint-your-own-pottery studio where you are the artist.

No appointment or reservation is needed, just walk in and "get your art on."
(If you are a party of 10 or more please call ahead to confirm we have space available)

  • Thousands of pieces of pottery ready for you to paint with over 500 different designs and styles to choose from
  • New pieces arrive weekly
  • Large selection for children and toddlers
  • Over 100 glaze colors to choose from
  • More than 45 specialty glazes are available
  • Paint with meticulously maintained brushes and glazes
  • 4-7 day turn around (depending upon season)
  • Knowledgeable and friendly staff

So here is how it works:

1. Select your favorite Bisque pieceYou select your bisque from over 500 pieces to choose from. You decide what you want on your piece and how to paint it. We have lots resource books, many painted samples, stamps, stencils, tracing paper, transfer paper, contact paper, etc., and an endless supply of materials and supplies for your use at no extra cost.

2. Specialty glazes availableYou can select from over 100 colors and specialty glazes, at no additional charge, and we never limit your use of colors, so the sky is the limit when you are creating. We take pride in maintaining and grooming our brushes and glazes, so that you are painting with like-new brushes every time you paint. We DON’T charge per hour so you are welcome to stay as long as it takes you to complete your piece.

3. Paint your bisque piece with a variety of glazesWhen you have finished your masterpiece, you will leave it with us so we can clear glaze it and kiln fire it for you.

4. Your finished piece is fired are ready to goIn about 4-7 days you can come and pick up your glazed and fired, shiny, vibrant, food and beverage safe piece of functional pottery- perfect for daily use, or to give as a gift. Nothing says love like a gift made by you. If you won't have time to pick your masterpiece up we will be happy to safely ship it for you. Simply pay the standard USPS rates.


Pottery prices range from $16.00 - $100.00,  with most in the $20 – $40 range. In addition to the price of the piece there is a studio fee, which covers all of your paints, materials and supplies as well as the clear glazing and firing of your piece:
  • Adults $8.00
  • Children (12 & under) $6.00
  • Combination: $4.00 (adult painting child's piece with them)

The Process:

First we clear glaze each piece by hand then let it dry. This is what will give your piece the vibrant, shiny finish. When the clear glaze is dry, we place each glazed piece on its own stilt and set it carefully on a shelf in the kiln. We then continue loading the kiln by building up additional shelving onto posts to accommodate the various sized pieces. The kiln fires at over 1800 degrees F overnight then takes approximately 8 hours to cool down and complete the process. When complete we unload each piece, examine it for any “stilt bites” or sharp edges, sand and/or Dremel each piece as necessary, wipe it down, polish it up, so that it is ready for you to take home and enjoy. We do everything we can to ensure you take home a quality product. (Please note, occasionally imperfections may occur during the firing process, which is characteristic of hand- made pottery. This is completely out of our control and only adds to the uniqueness of your piece.)

Our Mission:

To provide you with a welcoming, relaxing, comfortable environment and a non-intimidating studio where you can unleash your imagination and creativity.  If you desire the assistance of our knowledgeable and friendly staff we are here for you, if you prefer to paint unassisted we welcome you to do so, and are always nearby if needed.