Addison at potters wheel

ALL FIRED UP is the premier, and only, paint your own pottery studio in Pawleys Island. Come join us for a fun and creative way to release your inner artist.

You’ll choose your piece, we’ll show you the basics and more, you’ll create your masterpiece, leave it with us to glaze and fire in our kiln and you can pick up your vibrant, shiny and food-safe work of art in about 3-5 days.
(This may vary depending upon the season).

ALL FIRED UP is wonderful for painters of all ages and all skill levels-beginners and experts alike. Even those of you who do not believe you are ‘artistic’ will be able to create a beautiful piece of ceramic art. Our goal is to help YOU create something you love, so come on by to get the fun started. Many techniques are taught here in the studio.

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Carla Minervini

Carla Minervini
Owner/ Artist
Carla was smitten with the experience of painting pottery with her own 4 children.

"It is all about the quality time spent with people you love being with while you all get to just relax and let your individual creative juices flow and simply get your art on, no matter your skill level. And, the bonus is... in a few days you get to pick up a beautifully glazed and fired, totally functional piece of pottery, created by you!"

Brittany Shafer-Brown

Brittany Shafer-Brown
Creative Lead
While stationed with the U.S. Coast Guard right here in Georgetown, SC, Brittany has been a frequent visitor to All Fired Up since 2012. As a customer, she was in the studio weekly and has created numerous beautiful pieces of her own. Just like many others, Brittany shared with us she looked forward to coming to All Fired Up, it was her weekly stress reliever. Of course we are happy to be able to provide this environment to so many who feel the same way. Since Brittany has been coming in to paint weekly since 2012 she knows everything about the studio as well as all of the tips and tricks she has learned over the years. Creative and talented, and with all of that experience what better candidate for Creative Lead at All Fired Up? With her cheerful disposition she is happy to share with you all that she's learned over the years and can guide you through the process effortlessly.