Clay Time at All Fired Up for both adults and children

Experience the tactile pleasure of working with earthen clay. Whether it is a hand building workshop or a throwing on the wheel lesson, there is absolutely no substitute for the whole clay experience. With technology being such a huge part of our lives, as well as our children’s lives, there is no greater diversion than turning off, tuning out and digging in and getting your hands dirty. Enjoy the satisfaction of creating something unique from beginning to end.

The physiological make up of the brain consists of left and right hemispheres. Gifted children show increased electrical activity in both. The left hemisphere, analytical and logical, can be developed through math, science and reading. The right hemisphere, creative, emotional, perceptive and intuitive can be developed through art and music. Here children can create works of fired art from start to finish. They can use their imagination and express themselves painting pottery, building clay or fusing glass.